Cleaning and Sanitation Fundamentals

Presented by

Dr. Randy Worobo
Professor of Food Microbiology
Department of Food Science
Cornell University

Date and Time

Monday, 22 Feb 2021
7:30 am – Delhi
9:00 am – Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta
10:00 am – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong
11:00 am – Tokyo, Seoul
1:00 pm – Sydney
3:00 pm – Auckland

Course Description

In food and beverage manufacturing, cleaning is one of the most critical processes you conduct to ensure sanitary conditions for the
production of safe products. In this webinar, Dr. Randy Worobo, Professor of Food Microbiology at Cornell University, discusses the
fundamentals of cleaning and sanitation.

Upon completion of this webinar, learners will be able to:
• Differentiate cleaning and sanitizing
• List proper cleaning and sanitation procedures
• Identify different options for cleaning based on the application
• Describe types of sanitizers and their mechanisms of action
• Understand the importance and benefits of good cleaning and sanitation
• Identify ways for measuring the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation


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